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Smart PV Solutions For a Green Future

Leveraging the company's PV products and engineering design services, we have created one stop turnkey solution covering the complete process from power station planning and design, to engineering and construction, to delivery and operation. Our solutions deliver comprehensive and wide-ranging economic, societal, and ecological benefits.

Technical Superiority
End-to-end PV system services

Red Solar was one of the first system developers in the industry. We now have a presence throughout the PV system business chain, bringing together modules, development, EMC introduction, design, EPC, and intelligent O&M and management. This enables us to independently complete project development and construction as well as management and revenue collection.

Specialized design

We have experience in the design of systems for harsh geographical conditions, such as high elevation, mountainous terrain, or sand dune terrain. Looking at customer needs, environmental management, soil and water conservation, and other factors, we develop a comprehensive protection solution.

Compound benefits

After the power station is completed, it can provide ample power without putting additional pressure on the environment, even becoming a new tourist attraction for the local area. If we consider the conservation of coal resources and environmental protection, our projects offer obvious economic, societal, and environmental benefits.

Recommended Cases
The project located about 65 km north of Hangjinqi
The project located about 65 km north of Hangjinqi

We have a project located about 65 km north of Hangjinqi, with an elevation between 1100 m and 1180 m. The site is unutilized land covered by large sand dunes. The project's installed capacity is 79.76124 MWp, using monocrystalline silicon 540 Wp PV modules produced by Red Solar.

79.76124 MWp
Project capacity
143 million kWh
Annual power generation
142,700 tons/year
Carbon emission reduction